Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Internet Marketing - Tool for new economy

Tom: Hey Dick, check out my profile pic on this amazing social networking site.
Dick: Yah, did you read my blog on profile pics. Wait, I will send you the link.
Harry: Hey guys, I just booked three movie tickets on this amazing app.

Every tom dick and harry today is surrounded by internet. So why not use it as a tool for marketing in the new economy, the e-commerce. The giants and even the small businessmen have started promoting their product on internet. In past who would have imagined that a whole shopping mall can be built on internet and sell the products just by marketing them effectively. Today in this ever changing scenario more and more people business persons are using internet as a tool to promote their products ranging from a book to I-pads.

It’s the power of internet marketing that 2012 witnessed a business of 60,000 billion dollars. And 2013 is to witness even more. The reason behind this huge success is that the internet marketing is cost effective and reaches to majority of people. It doesn’t require salesmen, brochures, printers, employees, etc. All which needs to be done is to create a website and make it reach people or display the products/services on popular websites. Even social networking sites have created a huge platform for email marketing companies. Place the products on the page which is hit most or sponsor to make your product visible to all the users.

Another very important aspect of internet marketing is that it is quick. Things are done at the speed of light. It makes purchasing easier, just a click away. And the delivery of the products also occurs in acceptable durations. This planet loves speed that is why it revolves and rotates at such a high rate. The faster the things happen the happier the beings get. Gone are the days when salesman went door to door to Market Company’s product. Today the tool called Internet marketing has solved the purpose. Before internet everybody demanded quality. When businessman realised that thing, quality was not the issue anymore. The requirement now was the facility to avail the services right from a desk. Today people from various backgrounds, uneducated business persons have taken help of internet marketing to promote their product/services at lightning speed.

This amazing tool of internet marketing is not only limited to business. People use it to promote their talent, their work. Some of them get noticed and get lucrative offers. If someone is good at singing he or she can record something and upload it on internet. People hit, like it, the singer gets noticed, again at a lightning speed. It has minimized the duration of success. Gone are the days when millionaires happened at a fifty plus age. Today people are accumulating wealth as early as possible just because of this brilliant tool. There is an endless list of successful people to name them as examples.

One more benefit of internet marketing is that it creates a world in miniature. Today it is not needed to travel to another country to market the product. Internet does that for people who want to market. Someone in Australia can just send an email all over the world to tell about his products or services. All that needs to be done is to build a trust. Once a person buys product from a particular website and if he finds it of good quality he will definitely come over again. He may even refer it to friends and relatives. So internet marketing generates word of mouth marketing automatically.

Movie tickets, travel tickets, vacation trips, everything can be booked in one go. No need to stand in queue to get your jobs done. Even the bills can be paid online. What made this possible? Internet marketing! The business honchos tech and market, people use it the platform to make life simpler, better and easier. Internet marketing is definitely the best tool one can get for promotion. The future can only be imagined from now. The internet marketing was also imagined by someone, someday. Clearer the imagination, more the joy of freedom and wisdom will spread. Keep imagining!!!

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