Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Fig Bread

What do you do with a bag of squashed figs?  This was the dilemma that faced me last week when Sandra gave me the figs from the fruit man, but they ended up a little the worse for wear on the journey home.  Thankfully, Google had the answer - I found this recipe for fig bread on 

With 2 cups of mashed figs, this bread is incredibly moist, so I recommend keeping it in the fridge.  If you only want one loaf, halve the recipe - it makes a lot of batter.  I forgot the nuts, but believe these would have made a nice textural change to the pudding-like texture of the loaf.

I gave one of the loaves (the better looking one photographed for this post) to Sandra to share with whomever she chose.  I laughed when I heard that she put candles on it as a birthday cake for our colleague Jeff, whose birthday was incidentally on the same day as when I brought the loaf in.
Verdict - if you like figs and moist, fruity cakes, then this is for you.