Saturday, May 18, 2013

Video Marketing - The New Opportunities For Your Business

Video marketing is very hard to do, but it can be worth the time, effort and money if you do it right. Video marketing is another medium that you can use to get your marketing message across. It has been used for many years to great success on the TV, and now that Internet connections and bandwidths are good, you are able to host videos on your website with great success. There are even video channels such as YouTube that you can use to disseminate your videos.

Video marketing is very hard to do

This comment should be clarified, as anyone can point a camera at something. It is hard to do if you want any form of success. You need to have very good production values, audio, visuals, acting and scripts in order to create a successful marketing video. Anything less than fantastic will destroy any credibility you may have wished to gain (or sustain).

There are so many marketing videos online that are simply not good enough that people have started to ignore them and avoid them like plague. You should also be aware that your video needs to be very, very engaging, as most marketing videos are never watched through to the end. Your marketing massage needs to be short, concise, to the point and very, very engaging.

Demonstrations of your products

You can create videos that show demonstrations of your products. As you are probably already aware, images are not very good at showing how great your product is. They only show how the product appears to look, and even any action shots look lack luster on images. With a video you can show people exactly what your product does in a way that no other medium will allow you to. People are able to be impressed by what your product does, as oppose to simply how it looks.

Evidence of your marketing claims

Your marketing campaign may claim that your products are the most waterproof, the strongest or the most durable. But, those are just claims unless you can show people that what you are saying is true. You can prove that your product is waterproof with a video of it being dropped into a swimming pool and being used under water. You can show how strong your product is by tying it between two cars and having them pull. You can even show how durable your product is by putting it in a tumble dryer and then showing it working when it comes out.

Tutorials on how to use your products

These are quite popular because they offer the user something, instead of just advertising to them. It is quite common for people to log onto YouTube so that they can find out how a product or service works. People may wish to use your products for a certain task, and you can show them how to do it correctly. Whilst you are doing this, you are also subtly advertising your goods at the same time. You can even start and end the tutorial with a screen showing your current website or business location.

Examples of how your service works

If your website or business sells a service, then you can show that service in action. You can show people how your service works, or you can show people the results of your service. You can show people exactly what your service does so that they know what to expect when they buy from you. If you show people how you do your service and what the service entails, it will help them trust you enough to make the sale.

Show people that you are not a faceless corporation

Many people only ever see your brand or maybe someone in a suit on your website. But, everybody knows that the images they see online are not of real people within the company. With a video, you can show people around your office and introduce them to your staff and what they do. You can show that your company is staffed by real people who are not robotically churning out PR friendly banter. You can show people that any mistakes you make are not because there is a cog loose in your corporate machine, just that your company is run by humans who make mistakes.

It also allows people to see that when your company says that it cares, it is not just some bland corporate slogan. You can show the people behind the slogan and you can show people what your staffs do in order to care for their customers. You can even give subtle hints as to how successful your business is by showing how busy you are, and how your stock levels keep running low faster than you expect. You can even show people in your delivery department working quickly and efficiently in order to cope with the many, many orders that your company is receiving.

Author bio: Korah Morrison, working for– the best student’s helper.