Thursday, May 9, 2013

FFWD - Coupetade

This week for French Fridays with Dorie recipe is Coupetade, a bread pudding made with French toast instead of ordinary bread.

As a kid, Mum made bread pudding to use up the egg yolks after she'd made pavlova.  Neither of us really liked bread pudding much back then - it was the poor cousin to the main event, the pavlova.  However, I now love the stuff. 

Because I didn't want temptation in my house, I scaled the 6 serve recipe down to 2 serves made individually in ramekins.  I chose apricots and cranberries for the fruit component, and, sin of sins, I made French toast out of rye bread instead of brioche.

This pudding was delish - what is not to like about custardy bread with fruit - but I don't think it trumps Donna Hay's marmalade bread pudding.  I tried it both warm and cold - I think I liked it better cold because everything had had a chance to meld together into a smooth, sweet mouthful.

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