Tuesday, January 29, 2013

WWDH - Spinach and cheddar souffle

This week's Wednesday with Donna Hay recipe, Spinach and Cheddar Souffle, was chosen by Margaret.  It comes from p8o of Modern Classics I.

As expected, this souffle contains spinach, cheddar, eggs, milk, flour, butter, salt and pepper.  I substituted the butter for margarine to try and be slightly more healthy, and I used frozen spinach.  I didn't have any breadcrumbs to line the ramekins in which I baked the souffles, so I used semolina instead.

The end result was nice enough, but I didn't find it very filling - it is not really a complete meal in itself.  I probably won't make this again.

To see what Margaret, Kayte and Chaya thought of this souffle, visit their websites on Wednesday US time.