Thursday, January 24, 2013

Social Media Monitoring - Best Practices

Social Media Sites provide an ideal platform for businesses to interact with their consumers, on a more direct note. If you look at it from another angle, the consumers for the first time in ages will be able to talk to the suits and bosses of the company whose products they are using in their day-to-day life. The Social media sites have given them that freedom and you as a business owner have to respect that.

There are three things of note here:
  • Learn
  • Respond
  • Market
First things first, get to know your customer. Read what they have to say. It is a feedback that’s worth millions served to you for free straight from the horse’s mouth. Look for a trend, there is always a pattern. The same set of feedbacks and same set of grievances, when they pile up, make a note of them and pass it on to your respective departments.

Make sure to tell them that you have noted their grievances and you are going to respond.
Now, respond. Definitely, do. When you do that, you earn reputation and trust, which is the basis for any successful business.

And now, once you have gotten the necessary trust and a proper ‘note and feedback’ mechanism, you can start marketing your wares to these ‘web-active’ consumers.

Now, let’s break it down.
  • While responding be extremely polite and to the point. 
  • Be professional as you would be in a ‘board of director’s’ meeting. These people are more important, or are as important as your immediate bosses or partners. In case of negativity, don’t be hostile as it would throw a ‘bad light’ upon you. Deal with it in a professional manner, and earn their respect.
  • Encourage suggestions from the public, as it would help you understand their mindset more clearly.
  • Discuss possible business ideas. It will help you generate feedback instantly, and make adjustments at an early stage.
  • This platform is ideal for judging your popularity, in various areas. It’ll help you target them, and formulate future plans in accordance.
  • Answer questions from your consumers. By ignoring them, consumers will lose faith in your dedication. 
  • Abolish hearsay, by clarifying rumors, and dispelling negativity, directly.
  • If your consumer has a complaint in regards to your service/ product, make sure to provide solutions to fix it. Also, remember to keep them posted throughout the process. Transparency is the key here.
  • Interact with your consumers on a regular basis. It’s not only good for your business, but also gives them a feeling of ‘truly being cared for’.  This will lead the way to loyalty in customers.
By employing the various suggestions, one can do wonders to their business, by generating brand loyalty, amongst their consumers. However, one needs to radiate enthusiasm, in order to generate an equal response. Your dedication makes a huge difference, and it’s what will drive your business to heights you imagined.

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