Friday, January 25, 2013

Arnotts Iced Vo Vo Tart for Australia Day

Today is Australia Day, and accordingly, I want to celebrate it in style.  And what better way to do so than to pay homage to an Australian icon, Arnotts Iced Vo Vo Biscuits.  If you have never come across the Iced Vo Vo before,  you can read about it on the Arnotts website.  Australia's former prime minister, Kevin Rudd, mentioned the Iced Vo Vo in his 2007 election victory speech, further cementing the Iced Vo Vo's place in Australian culture.

My tribute to the Iced Vo Vo comes courtesy of this month's Australian Good Taste magazine, which sports a rather eye-catching Arnotts Iced Vo Vo Tart on the cover.  I bought the magazine on the strength of that cover, and made the Arnotts Iced Vo Vo Tart - a celebration of the Iced Vo Vo comprising a crushed biscuit base (including crushed Iced Vo Vos), topped with marshmallow and raspberry jelly, and decorated with whipped cream and coconut: 

The recipe is available online here.

I undoubtedly had fun making the Arnotts Iced Vo Vo tart, and it looks stunning, but taste-wise, it wasn't my bag.  The whole thing was a tad too sweet for me, and I am not a fan of whipped cream.  However, others gave it a warmer reception than me, so you just need to consider - would I like to eat biscuit, marshmallow, jelly and cream or not? (Note that this tart tastes nothing like an Iced Vo Vo biscuit, which is comprised of biscuit, jam, icing and coconut, and is pretty tasty for a store-bought biscuit.) 

Regardless, it does look so pretty:

To my fellow Australians, Happy Australia Day!