Friday, November 9, 2012

Daylesford Escape Part 1

Last weekend, Tim and I went to Daylesford in country Victoria to get away from it all.  We stayed in this pretty house (Carrington House), which was conveniently close to town.

We went for walks by picturesque Lake Daylesford:

where we saw a really funny looking bird:

along with regular ducks and black swans.  We also went for walks down flower-bedecked country roads:

with plenty of ups and downs to keep it interesting.

On Saturday evening, we went to Daylesford railway station

and took a ride on the Silver Streak:
with the Rusty Relics, Richard Bevan and John Meir, entertaining us with music:

until we reached Musk, where the station sign had fallen off and had to be nailed back up:

We got off the train at Musk and were served some lovely finger food by caterer Jennie: 


and we were also served with finger food on the train, including these spinach and ricotta traingles with asparagus:

and we were plied with as much as alcohol as we could drink:

For me, this was not very much.

We did it all again on the return journey from Musk to Daylesford and lived happily ever after.  It was lots of fun.