Monday, November 19, 2012

BWJ - Best Ever Brownies

For Baking with Julia this week, we were assigned Best Ever Brownies.  Our host was Monica of A Beautiful Mess. Now, I am a little cynical about recipes claiming to be the best ever - that is a pretty broad and subjective claim.  I am not sure that these brownies are "the best ever", but they are pretty good.

I made mine with the proper chocolate for the first time ever, courtesy of my US trips:

As a heads up, "unsweetened" and "bittersweet" chocolate are not the norm in Australia, hence my chocolate came from the Ghirardelli store in The Great Mall, Milpitas, CA.

I probably baked my brownies a smidge too long (~30 minutes), as they were fudgy rather than gooey inside, but this was good - I could not imagine that the critical audience that I have to deal with would have appreciated "gooey" and would instead have interpreted it as "underdone".

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