Sunday, September 9, 2012

Optimize Video Metadata to Improve Your SEO in Google

Video is one of the most important ways to improve SEO score. This is very important after Google released it Penguin algorithm update. So, making a video is not enough now. Even sharing videos to multiple sites ( isn’t as effective as it could be if you don’t employ one concentrated metadata strategy to improve your companies SEO.

So what is metadata? Metadata is all the things that describe what your video. Metadata includes in this are the title of the video, description, tags and category. Many people or businesses that have paid good money in order to create a video fill out this information with without thought or even leave this information blank without understanding the importance of it.

Search engines (including YouTube and other video sites) can’t hear what you are saying and therefore rely on your title, description and tags in order to figure out if your video is a good fit for the search terms someone is using. Therefore it is important to pepper your description with key search terms in order for you to rank higher on the Google searches. Your title not only needs to encourage people to click on the video but it also should use some of the key terms people are using when searching for your product.

FYI...How can you figure out what terms are popular in searches? First of all, you can check out the frequency of different searches in Google by registering for Google Adwords. In Adwords they have a tool that allows you to see how many monthly searches there are of different words you put in the search box. Once you have done that try out all the different search terms yourself in Google and see what comes up. Is it only huge corporations with established website and a large following? You better steer clear of those search terms since you will have a small chance of competing with them. Do you see small to medium sized businesses? These searches you can compete with, even if they are searched less often than other search terms. Filling out metadata correctly is a sure way to bring in organic traffic, improve your SEO and help your bottom line.