Saturday, July 28, 2012

Nutella Banana Bread

Do you ever buy ingredients for one thing and they end up hanging around forever?  That was the case with me and my jar of Nutella - I bought it for a Dorie recipe, and months later, it was still in the pantry cupboard, staring at me accusingly. 

However, there was a feature in the newspaper on tea loaves this week, sourced from various blogs, and lo and behold, what did I spy but Nutella Banana Bread - perfect!  Something that sounded delicious that I could use up my Nutella making, and practical enough to transport to work without a hitch.

The recipe for the Nutella Banana Bread comes from Chef in Training - you can find it here.

This bread is very simple to make, but make sure you grease your cake tin well - unfortunately the chocolate batter stuck a little, and I ended up tearing my cake.  No matter - I glued it back together with chocolate icing:

Accordingly, if chocolate and banana float your boat, or you just want to use up your Nutella, like me, you could do much worse than give this bread a go.