Monday, July 9, 2012

Lemon Semolina Cake

I enjoy cakes with colour and texture as well as flavour, and last week, I made a cake that fitted that bill completely.  The cake was the Lemon Polenta Cake from the Manna from Heaven cookbook.

This cake contains lemon zest and coconut and should contain polenta.  However, I accidently used semolina instead of polenta, which meant my cake was not gluten free.  However, Linda at work said in her view, this made the cake nicer, and reminded her of a cake she'd had in India.  It was so good, she asked for the recipe.

The cake is glazed with lemon icing:

My only tip is to be sure to line the bottom and sides of your pan, as the cake has a tendency to stick.

Verdict: a textural, tangy delight.