Sunday, May 20, 2012

What should be post penguin off-page SEO practices

We are very much concerned about the post penguin SEO process. According to my knowledge the ever lasting SEO formula is (INFORMATION - PROMOTION) = SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION.
"What to do" points based on above mentioned formula.
  1. Number of anchor text utilization type must be changed by replacing the company, business or owner name. This is much applicable in good quality business directories, but it should be followed in different SEO practices.
  2. Value of an informative content will always remain on top. We've to stop writing content less than 400 words. Because when we compress a topic (based on keyword) in less word count it becomes direct promotional naturally. 
  3. Content must contain a presentation. Besides relevant images we've to furnish the content with proper statistics, graphs, flowcharts etc.
  4. A presentation (SlideShare) link from the content is a good option. Presentation must be very simple to make it understandable to target customers/visitors, not the SEO gurus.
  5. Content marketing options must be very selective that we can maintain the uniqueness. And utilization of social media is very important.
I think SEO practices like link building, directory listing, guest posting, blog commenting, business listing, social bookmarking, social media marketing, content marketing etc can't be changed over night. And no one can provide fresh alternative immidiately. So just follow the above mentioned 5 points.