Friday, May 25, 2012

Coconut Raspberry Slice and 5 Year Blogiversary

Well, it's hard to believe, but this little blog turns 5 today.  That's right - I have now been cooking and photographing food then writing about it for five years.  I am  lucky I wasn't in this game as an alternative career or for fame, because I have got neither, but this blog has made me very happy as a journal of my experiences in the kitchen, and to meet such a variety of other people and see what the get up to in the kitchen.  It is fun to go back to see what I have made, what I have learned, and how my photography has improved (believe it or not, it has).

I have not made anything special for today; however, I will post about the coconut raspberry slice that I made for my friend Camilla's baby shower in Sydney last weekend.  Coconut raspberry slice, with its light cakey base, raspberry jam filling and crunchy coconut topping, is a perennial Aussie favourite, and is easy to make.  You can find the recipe here.

My only negative comment is that the slice is very thin made in a lamington/swiss roll tin. I recommend an ordinary slice/bar tray, like my mum uses, to get thicker slices. 

It is cold and windy and threatening rain here in Melbourne today - it is only very marginally better than yesterday, and only because it hasn't rained yet.  Hope the weather is better where you are.  I am off to California for a holiday soon, and I am elated to be getting a second summer - if only temporarily.

Have a great weekend!