Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sunday Snippets

Hello, you fool, I love you,
C'mon join the joyride

Roxette, Joyride

My friend Kayte has a regular Sunday Snippets post to tell her family and friends what she's been up to.  Kayte knew that I was going to a Roxette concert this weekend, so I thought that my very own (once off) Sunday Snippets post might be a good way to update Kayte and everyone else about how the concert and my weekend in general went.

The Roxette concert was held  on Saturday night at Rod Laver Arena in Melbourne, which many of you would recognise as the centre court of the Australian Open.  The show was sold out, so you can imagine how many people were there.  The warmup band was 1927, an Australian band who had a number of huge hits in the 80's.  My favourites are That's When I Think of You and If I Could.  It was great to see them live, and brought back plenty of memories.

After 1927 came Roxette.  Both Marie and Per are still very dynamic with great voices, and belted out hit after hit in an enthusiastic and energetic performance.  My favourite Roxette song from way back is It Must Have Been Love, courtesy of its appearance in the Pretty Woman soundtrack.  However, I came across lots of fun songs that I hadn't known they sang (eg How Do You Do; The Look), and stumbled across a brand new favourite - Joyride - from which the quote at the top of this post comes. Marie is such a tiny woman in reality, but is so dynamic - her performance was amazing. Per and the guitarist, Kristian (?), were jumping around the stage like jumping beans - and Kristian won over the audience with his rendition of Waltzing Matilda.  Again, Roxette brought back so many memories of high school and University for me.  They had not been to Melbourne since January 1995 - before I started work!  It's incredible to think that they came all the way from Sweden to Australia to perform for us on a very hot summer's night - and I thank them for that.

On Sunday morning, I went to brunch with my friends V and C.  We went to The Green Grocer in Fitzroy North, a new area for me. The Green Grocer is an organic cafe and providore, with particularly delicious food.  I had already had breakfast, so I went straight for the good stuff for brunch - the buttermilk pancake with lavender, lemon curd, ricotta and berry coulis:

The pancakes were light and fluffy, just as they should be, and the lemon curd and ricotta topping was delightful - I made sure that I had a smear of each in every mouthful.

Afterwards, we headed to the DFO at South Wharf to grab some bargains before moving on to Albert Park for a beer (or in my case, a cider) at The Beach, overlooking the waterfront, then on to the Scout About Festival in Coventry Street, South Melbourne.

On the telly, I time-shifted the new Sherlock Holmes from Wednesday night, and watched episode one of the second series entitled A Scandal in Belgravia.  The dialogue was absolutely delicious, as Holmes and Miss Adler coo and purr through whipsmart repartee in their smooth British accents.  There were so many twists and turns, it was essential to pay attention, right to the end.  Loved it!  If there were more television like this, I would watch more of it.

Tonight, it is a quiet night catching up on some cooking for the week, including making some fig jam from the lovely figs that the fruit man at work gave Sandra - more to come on that later.

Hope you have had a great weekend.