Thursday, February 9, 2012

FFwD - Nutella Tartine

This week's French Friday with Dorie recipe is an unlikely combination that I would never have chosen on my own, but which I quite enjoyed as a guilty pleasure.  It is Nutella Tartine.  Initially I conjured up an image of a tart shell filled with nutella, but no - Nutella Tartine is brioche that has been lightly toasted under the broiler, then brushed with melted butter, topped with a spread of marmalade, drizzled with Nutella, then topped with chopped roasted hazelnuts. 

I made quite a few substitutions to this recipe to suit what I had around the house.  The brioche became challah (as that is what my supermarket sells), the orange marmalade became grapefruit marmalade, and the chopped roasted hazelnuts became raw sliced almonds.

I didn't think much of this recipe when I read it, but when I had it for brekky - kapow!  It won't win any awards for nutritional value, but as an occasional breakfast treat, it is surprisingly delicious, and I will definitely make this again (but using plain old white bread, a much less expensive option).

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