Monday, February 6, 2012

BWJ - White Loaves

Welcome to the first Baking with Julia post.  BWJ is the new Tuesdays with Dorie, and there are currently over 300 members.  We will only be baking fortnightly, not weekly.

This week's recipe, chosen by Laurie and Jules, is White Loaves.  In my case, I only made one loaf.

You make some basic bread dough using a stand mixer and dough, then let it rise for an hour or so:

then you pat it out and shape it before putting onto a loaf tin:

and allow the dough to rise again:

You then bake the dough and hey presto - you get bread:

For my first slice of this bread, I borrowed this week's FFwD recipe for Nutella Tartine, and made it on white instead of brioche:

Delicious, even if I say so myself.

Our hosts Laurie and Jules will have the recipe for the white loaves.  And to see lots of other white loaves, visit the LYL section of the Baking with Julia website.