Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Wednesdays with Donna Hay - Puffed Cheese Omelette

This week, for Wednesdays with Donna Hay, Kayte of Grandmas's Kitchen Table and I made the Puffed Cheese Omelette.  This is a delicious omelette made with fluffy whipped egg whites folded into the yolks which have been beaten with cream (I used light cream).  The omelette is cooked on one side in a pan coated with sizzling butter (in my case, margarine)before being filled with a mixture of marscapone (I used light ricotta) and chopped chives.

I made it for breakfast - and it was delish:

I would definitely make this again - easy and tasty.

Go see what Kayte thought of this omelette in 16 hours time. 
Next week: Potato and parmesan soup with parsley pesto