Monday, November 14, 2011

TWD - Alsatian Apple Tart and Bittersweet Brownies

It's another double header at Tuesdays with Dorie this week.  Our first tasty recipe was chosen by Jessica of Cookbook Habit, who selected Alsatian Apple Tart.

This tart comprises creamy custard and sliced apple sitting prettily atop a sweet pastry base.  I  glazed mine with blackcurrant jelly for instant glamour: 

What can I say - I loved this one!!!!  Custard + fruit = devine.  I'd definitely make this again, despite the extra effort involved in making a tart.

Our second recipe was chosen by Leslie of Lethally Delicious, who selected Bittersweet Brownies:

I had some issues with these.  Dorie quoted 22 minutes to bake - at 22 minutes, my brownies had a wet shiny layer on top, so I kept checking - and checking - and finally at 50 minutes they looked about right ("dull" on top, to quote Dorie).   Even after all that baking time, some bits of the brownie were still distinctly "fudgy", and contrary to popular belief,  these were the crumbliest parts.

These brownies were very deeply chocolatey - perhaps this is not surprising, as they contain 250g of chocolate!  That's a whole family block plus 50g more, for the benefit of non-chocolate loving folk (like my blogging bud and fellow TWDer Kayte).

As with nearly anything chocolate, these brownies went like hotcakes - in less than half an hour in the work kitchen, they were demolished.  They must have tasted good! 

Thanks to Jess and Leslie - they will have the recipes for this week on their respective sites when it's Tuesday their time, or buy Dorie's book.  And to swoon over some more baked goods, visit the LYL section of the TWD website