Sunday, November 13, 2011

Moroccan quinoa soup

Although I confess to not being a huge soup fan, there are definitely some soups that I enjoy, particularly those of the thick, hearty variety.  The soup in this  post, Moroccan Quinoa Soup, came about because I thought I had lentils, chickpeas and cannellini beans to use up in the pantry. The recipe is from All Recipes, at this link. As it happens, I was wrong about the lentils - I went to make the soup and found that the lentils I thought I had were not there.  By that stage, I had mentally committed to making this soup, so my brain immediately went to the red quinoa that I have had in my pantry since a French Fridays with Dorie recipe called for it.  Why not substitute quinoa for the lentils?

I made the recipe exactly as stated, except that I used quinoa in place of the lentils.  The end result was a thick, rich, texture-ful soup that was hearty and filling.  I loved it!