Wednesday, July 16, 2008

What do we mean when we talk about Blogging

It has become very difficult to define exactly what ‘blogging’ is. This is because it is a term which is constantly under review. New Technologies are appearing every day and they are redefining what a blog actually is, what is the purpose of a blog and what a blog can be.

Traditionally blogs were considered to be ‘text-based’ web sites that were for the purpose of keeping daily records. They could have been likened to the log kept by the Captain of a sailing vessel.

However this definition has changed over time as. This has transpired because the type of people who keep and publish blogs has become much more diverse.

Those who were fervent bloggers began to expand and exploit the capabilities and limits of the medium and also the technology that made blogging possible. This in turn pushed the boundaries of the actual term ‘blog’ and what it means.

So, today, we have an abundance of all manner and types of ‘blogs’. There is a plethora of photo blogs for example and now video blogs are becoming very popular. The advent of Mobile devices that support ‘blogging’ may well entirely change the definition of blogging yet again as it makes the creation of new kinds of posts available to bloggers

The redefinition of ‘blogging’ is also being influenced by another element. That element is known as ‘the corporate blog’. In an effort to get themselves and their brand recognized large Companies are using blogs as a means of getting the word out and creating a positive buzz in their own favour.

However bloggers all over the World are debating whether these so called 'manufactured blogs’ should carry the name ‘blog’ or indeed whether they are worthy of it.

So we can see that as all these different entities are constantly reshaping, expanding and exploiting the ‘blogosphere’, it is very difficult to believe that the definition of what a ‘blog’ actually is and what a ‘blog’ is not will ever remain static for very long.